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Build Your Own Truck

BUILD YOUR OWN Magliner HAND TRUCK is a great option for the individual or corporate account that is looking for a certain kind of hand truck. Build it yourself with all of the options available on Handtrucks2go.com. The CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK is ready to help. Not all parts are compatible so call if you have questions on what to order. It is an easy process with a great hand truck at the end. It only takes five (5) easy steps to create the perfect hand truck for the job required. What are the steps? First pick a frame then add the handle. Next choose the nose plate to fit the frame and the handle. Then choose the wheels that fit the frame and the nose plate and finally add the optional accessories to complete the hand truck of choice. A bar brake is one of the optional accessories.

Ten handles are available and when completed, the hand truck has a capacity to move five hundred (500) pounds. FREE SHIPPING and the ability to create the perfect hand truck with these easy steps.