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Bi-Mode Poly Folding Handle Truck

The latest Bi-Fold Poly Folding Handle Hand Truck is an apt buy if you are looking for equipment that works well in offices and show rooms. This is because offices normally have a limited movement space and the Bi-Mode Poly Folding Handle  Truck offers ease usage. Have a look at it over here http://handtrucks2go.com/Convertible-Hand-Truck/.It works in almost two to three positions and is very easy to use too. Bi-Mode Poly Folding Handle Truck is a hand operated truck. The handle can be titled to an angle which allows for modes that are pull mode or push mode. On top of that one can even use it as a dolly by putting the handles down flat and straight. The handles would remain put in position, turning around the platform and keeping a safe distance away from the cargo. The cargo or load can stay on the platform, flat and nice. No handle interference at all. The cart weighs about 11 lbs and has a good carrying capacity. It can carry a load of 400 lbs easily enough. It’s designed for office use and thus a great help in the office in shifting stuff. Looking for something else? Check out all of these aluminum hand carts.