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The Escalera MS-66 Stair Climber is available to the public or government services in five (5) different models.  The difference available model is simple.
•  Handle height
•  Load capacity of the hand truck
Although this amazing, powerful mover is an amazing robot-like mover, the operation is very simple.  Only one (1) worker is required to move up to seven hundred (700) pounds or as much as twelve hundred (1200) pounds.  Does that sound too good to be true?  Well, it is true.  The dual three thousand (3000) lift chain works automatically with literally the flip of one switch.

Perfect balance is easy even with the biggest loads.  The center of gravity is easily set to the middle of the load by simply tilting the mover back toward the single operator.  If there is, by some mistake or chance, an overload on the Escalera Stair Climber, the overload circuit breaker automatically resets.  This is a safety feature and another reason to consider purchasing this automatic stair climber!

Is a dead battery a concern?  No need to be concerned because an easy overnight charge has Escalera Stair Climber powered up and ready the next day.  If the battery does expire, one can be ordered and shipped overnight by UPS.  Even if the battery gives out during a job, there is always enough power to go back down the steps.  Depending on the use of the Escalera Stair climber, the battery can be expected to last from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months to as long as three (3) to four (4) years.  Then, the old batter is easy to snap out and the new battery snapped in with a few clicks.

The use of this Stair Climbing hand truck can be expanded, with the addition of optional accessories, to be used in a warehouse, to load a pickup truck, a delivery van or even a big eighteen (18) wheeler semi transport truck.    The hand truck can be operated manually, too.  So hand powered or battery powered, it is up to the operator and depends on the task ahead.  The Escalera does all of the lifting of any number of large items such as office equipment, safes, etc.  Because the mover is ‘robot’ like, battery powered, versatile and sturdy, it can move over the roughest terrain or even ice and snow.  It works just as well in tight spaces as it does in massive warehouses.  The frame is made of aluminum while of the moving parts are made of steel.  This combination adds up to strength and power!  The Escalera Stair Climber automatically moves the load every six (6) seconds, up steps and down steps, at the same reliable, steady speed.
It is the perfect piece of moving equipment!

Bell Man Cart Manufacturer

Excell-Kaiser LLC is a partner with  It is a company that manufacturers several models of Bell man hotel carts that are quality products.  They are made for service and strength.  Seven (7) different versions of the Bellman cart are available on this webpage through Excell-Kaiser. The carts all have four sturdy wheels that roll smoothly without dragging even under very heavy loads of luggage or other things.

One model has a large push handle for easy use by the customer or by the employee.  This model does not have a built in hanging hook or a bar but it is great for large items that need to be pushed from behind the load and not pulled with an upright.  This model is a great option for the office, a lobby area, a school, a hospital, airport, train station, etc., the choice is according to the need. These are the perfect service cart/utility cart for your hotel! This model is an exceptional way to move computers from office to office.  The platform is made with steel under pinning and a plywood base.  The price is right and can fit the budget available.

Great Hand Truck For Your Tow Truck

This particular Magliner hand truck 110-UA-1060 is perhaps one of the most unique ones out on the market today. It has a loop handle with an extra-large nose plate which is great for transporting things. It has ten inch wheels and can haul up to six hundred and fifty pounds of freight. This hand truck is durable, sturdy, reliable, and efficient. You’ll never have to worry about getting the job done. This particular model is great for hauling materials in trucks, and it’s great for loading and unloading as well.

The New Solution 1-800-Tow-Truck

There are those that do not like taking any risks in life. They buy Life insurance, death second hand truckinsurance, insurance for when you are sick, fire insurance, tornado insurance, theft insurance and the list goes on and on. Not a bad idea, but the only question is when you are finished paying all those premiums what are you left with?
So what is the solution? The answer is to be prepared with people who you can count on to service your needs at a reasonable rate, when emergencies arise. Thanks to 1-800-Tow-Truck you can now be at peace knowing that you do not have to subscribe to AAA or any similar service. Should your old beat up second hand truck break down and you find yourself stranded and do not know who to call, the solution is finally here.
Just call 1-800-TOW-TRUCK at (626) TOW-TRUCK , and we will supply you with reliable service at a great rate. We offer short distance and out of state towing as well. Remember the only number you have to remember is (626)TOW-TRUCK!!!