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The Escalera MS-66 Stair Climber is available to the public or government services in five (5) different models.  The difference available model is simple.
•  Handle height
•  Load capacity of the hand truck
Although this amazing, powerful mover is an amazing robot-like mover, the operation is very simple.  Only one (1) worker is required to move up to seven hundred (700) pounds or as much as twelve hundred (1200) pounds.  Does that sound too good to be true?  Well, it is true.  The dual three thousand (3000) lift chain works automatically with literally the flip of one switch.

Perfect balance is easy even with the biggest loads.  The center of gravity is easily set to the middle of the load by simply tilting the mover back toward the single operator.  If there is, by some mistake or chance, an overload on the Escalera Stair Climber, the overload circuit breaker automatically resets.  This is a safety feature and another reason to consider purchasing this automatic stair climber!

Is a dead battery a concern?  No need to be concerned because an easy overnight charge has Escalera Stair Climber powered up and ready the next day.  If the battery does expire, one can be ordered and shipped overnight by UPS.  Even if the battery gives out during a job, there is always enough power to go back down the steps.  Depending on the use of the Escalera Stair climber, the battery can be expected to last from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months to as long as three (3) to four (4) years.  Then, the old batter is easy to snap out and the new battery snapped in with a few clicks.

The use of this Stair Climbing hand truck can be expanded, with the addition of optional accessories, to be used in a warehouse, to load a pickup truck, a delivery van or even a big eighteen (18) wheeler semi transport truck.    The hand truck can be operated manually, too.  So hand powered or battery powered, it is up to the operator and depends on the task ahead.  The Escalera does all of the lifting of any number of large items such as office equipment, safes, etc.  Because the mover is ‘robot’ like, battery powered, versatile and sturdy, it can move over the roughest terrain or even ice and snow.  It works just as well in tight spaces as it does in massive warehouses.  The frame is made of aluminum while of the moving parts are made of steel.  This combination adds up to strength and power!  The Escalera Stair Climber automatically moves the load every six (6) seconds, up steps and down steps, at the same reliable, steady speed.
It is the perfect piece of moving equipment!

Build Your Own Truck

BUILD YOUR OWN Magliner HAND TRUCK is a great option for the individual or corporate account that is looking for a certain kind of hand truck. Build it yourself with all of the options available on The CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK is ready to help. Not all parts are compatible so call if you have questions on what to order. It is an easy process with a great hand truck at the end. It only takes five (5) easy steps to create the perfect hand truck for the job required. What are the steps? First pick a frame then add the handle. Next choose the nose plate to fit the frame and the handle. Then choose the wheels that fit the frame and the nose plate and finally add the optional accessories to complete the hand truck of choice. A bar brake is one of the optional accessories.

Ten handles are available and when completed, the hand truck has a capacity to move five hundred (500) pounds. FREE SHIPPING and the ability to create the perfect hand truck with these easy steps.

Bi-Mode Poly Folding Handle Truck

The latest Bi-Fold Poly Folding Handle Hand Truck is an apt buy if you are looking for equipment that works well in offices and show rooms. This is because offices normally have a limited movement space and the Bi-Mode Poly Folding Handle  Truck offers ease usage. Have a look at it over here works in almost two to three positions and is very easy to use too. Bi-Mode Poly Folding Handle Truck is a hand operated truck. The handle can be titled to an angle which allows for modes that are pull mode or push mode. On top of that one can even use it as a dolly by putting the handles down flat and straight. The handles would remain put in position, turning around the platform and keeping a safe distance away from the cargo. The cargo or load can stay on the platform, flat and nice. No handle interference at all. The cart weighs about 11 lbs and has a good carrying capacity. It can carry a load of 400 lbs easily enough. It’s designed for office use and thus a great help in the office in shifting stuff. Looking for something else? Check out all of these aluminum hand carts.