Bell Man Cart Manufacturer

Excell-Kaiser LLC is a partner with  It is a company that manufacturers several models of Bell man hotel carts that are quality products.  They are made for service and strength.  Seven (7) different versions of the Bellman cart are available on this webpage through Excell-Kaiser. The carts all have four sturdy wheels that roll smoothly without dragging even under very heavy loads of luggage or other things.

One model has a large push handle for easy use by the customer or by the employee.  This model does not have a built in hanging hook or a bar but it is great for large items that need to be pushed from behind the load and not pulled with an upright.  This model is a great option for the office, a lobby area, a school, a hospital, airport, train station, etc., the choice is according to the need. These are the perfect service cart/utility cart for your hotel! This model is an exceptional way to move computers from office to office.  The platform is made with steel under pinning and a plywood base.  The price is right and can fit the budget available.